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TZX Silicone Finishing Agent for Polyester Fiber

This product is an emulsion with the end group and side group (side chain) and the polydimethylsiloxane having one or more kinds of reactive groups as the main components. When used as finishing agent for polyester fiber,it can greatly increase the softness, rebound elasticity and smoothness without any influence on fiber strength and dyeing results.

Main technical indicators:
1.Appearance milk white homogeneous milk white homogeneous clear liquid clear liquid
2.Content 30±2 30±2 100 10±1
3.PH 8-11 6-8 - -
4.Centrifugal stability (300prs for 15min.) no floating oil unstratified no floating oil unstratified - -
5.Refractive index - - 1.4260-1.4280 -
6.Specific weight - - 1.065-1.072 -
7.Storage life 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months
Direction for use:
This product is consisted of four components(TZX-1-1,TZX-1-2,TZX-1-3,TZX-1-4) and supplied in proportion.
When using this agent to finish polyester fiber,the work can be carried out in conventional padding equipment by exhaust once and padding once or exhaust twice and padding twice. Determine the formula according to the technological requirements, put all the components and soft water (deionized water or distilled water) into the mixing tank, mix the mixture thoroughly and then introduce(pump) it into exhausting vat.If compounding is conducted directly in the exhausting vat,it is necessary to,first,weigh out TZX-1-1 and TZX-1-2 respectively, put them into a plastic vessel to mix and put the mixture into the exhausting vat; then dilute TZX-1-3 with water and put it into the vat;and finally add TZX-1-4 into the vat,agitate manually the finishing liquor thoroughly and keep the temperature of the liquor at about 80°C.
Compounding of the finishing liquor:
Reference dosages:
1.TZX-1-1 1 part
2.TZX-1-2 0.5 part
3.TZX-1-3 0.038-0.04 part
4.TZX-1-4 0.15-0.16 part
5.Soft water(distilled water or deionized water) 10-13 part
Compounding operation(based on making up 240kg of finishing liquor):
1.TZX-1-1 20kg
2.TZX-1-2 10kg
3.TZX-1-3 0.76-0.8kg
4.TZX-1-4 3.0-3.2kg
5.Soft water 206kg
(1)Weigh out 20kg of TZX-1-1 and 10kg TZX-1-2 accurately,put them into the compounding tank and mix them thoroughly,then add 200kg of soft water into the tank and make a thorough stirring.
(2)Take another vessel.Weigh out 6kg of soft water and put it into the vessel and then weigh out 0.76-0.8kg of TZX-1-3 accurately and also put it into the vessel.Make stirring for 5-10 minutes and then add the solution into the compounding tank.
(3)Weigh out 3.0-3.2kg of TZX-1-4 and put it into the compounding tank,then make stirring for 5-10 minutes.

1.The quantity of finishing liquor made up at a time should be determined on the capacity of the padding equipment used and the task of production.Generally,the quantity of finishing liquor made up at a time should be that only enough for use on the same day.If the work is carried out in three shifts,make up the liquor once a shift.Do not make up too much at a time so as to avoid keeping the liquor for too long a time and resulting in reduction of its efficiency.
2.This product is an emulsion in the cationic nature and can not be mixed with or used together with any anionic silicone oil.

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